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Benefits Vegan of a Vegan Lifestyle Part 1- Skin

Dryness- Dry skin was always a big problem for me in highschool. I would get very serious dry patches around my mouth and forehead. No amount of moisturiser would heal them and whenever I would wear foundation it looks extrmely cakey. Since changing my diet I haven’t had any of these dry pathes reappear and the overall texture of my skin is much softer

Colour- Every summer I was known for being one of the whitest girls at the beach. My skin never seem to get any colour or when it did it would burn and the next day it’d be back to white. This summer I decided against sunscreen and just used coconut oil (naturally SPF 10) and my skin has never looked more healthy. So many people pointed it out and couldn’t believe how dark I was

Acne- Unfortunately this is one of the things I didn’t have before going vegan and soon after acquired. Switching to a plant based diet your body goes through a detox period. Symptoms are different for everybody and for me, a main one was pimples. Its definitely not as bad as before but because my body is so sensitive to what I put into it I tend to get bad breakouts on my forehead if I have been drinking alcohol. This is just something I choose to deal with because hey, I’m 20. I’m gonna go out and have fun clubbing once in a while. For most people though, who had suffered with acne in the past, it completely clears their skin up. Esspecially with the exclusion of dairy from the diet

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